Alamo City Cluster – March 4 – 8

Dear Friends,

As you know, our Cluster is literally on the heels of the ultra-large San Antonio rodeo. Well, this year we are so close that it is kicking us. The large Hall where our rings have been is also the very last venue of the rodeo on Sunday. Our projected move-in day should be Tuesday…not going to happen this year. We cannot use that Hall this year. Consequently, we have a split venue that is 20,000 sq ft smaller and, we cannot move in to the buildings or Parking Lot until Wednesday. The problem can be handled, but will take cooperation and understanding from all of us.

We will not be able to offer Reserved Grooming and all X-Pens will be outdoors, mostly under cover.

Toys and Terriers will be in Hall A along with about 16 ,000 sq ft of grooming space. Hall A is the Hall connected to the large Hall where our rings have been. The new Hall 2 will house the other Groups and 10,000 sq ft of grooming space. There is an adjacent area for grooming in excess of 6,300 sq ft.

With your cooperation and understanding, we can handle these adversities. And remember, it is for this year only.

Please check out the
"Events" page for the current information to include Premium list, judging program and entry forms!