New Club Member

SAKC Welcomes New Members

We have two new members of San Antonio Kennel Club:
Elizabeth Muir-Chamberlain from Kerrville who has Affenpinschers and Kirsten Potts (Yes, she is now 18!) from San Antonio who has Chihuahuas!

We are thrilled these ladies are official members of the club.

SAKC Welcomes New Member

The San Antonio Kennel Club would like to welcome our newest member: Robin Lane. Robin owns German Shorthair Pointers with dual championships, a Champion Belgium Sheepdog and several Pomeranians. Welcome to the Club!

SAKC Welcomes New Members

The San Antonio Kennel Club Board of Directors and members at large welcome the three newest members to the club.

Jennifer Smith- Breed: Golden Retrievers
Carie and Gus Mendiola: Breeds: English Springer Spaniels and Afghan Hounds.

Welcome to the Club!