SAKC Welcomes New Members

We'd like to welcome our newest members to the SAKC family and the dog breeds they champion:

Leslie Formolo (Havanese);

Diana Rockwell (Wirehair Dachshunds);

Karen Workman (Shetland Sheepdogs);

Annette Eicke (English Cocker Spaniel);

Tresa Bellmon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel);

Patte Titus (German Shorthair Pointers);

Jacob Kirkpatrick (Australian Cattledog);

Cherilyn Kirkpatrick (Shitzu);

Darwin, Dawn, and Desiree Katan (Siberian Husky).

We're thrilled you're apart of our club.


Thank you to all who participated in the B-Match held at Bluebonnet Bunk ’n Biscuit on June 24, 2012. We’d like to especially thank our own Robert Stein for synchronizing the efforts of the club members and making sure we had a great turnout and wonderful event overall.

SAKC Welcomes New Members

We have two new members of San Antonio Kennel Club:
Elizabeth Muir-Chamberlain from Kerrville who has Affenpinschers and Kirsten Potts (Yes, she is now 18!) from San Antonio who has Chihuahuas!

We are thrilled these ladies are official members of the club.

Election 2012

Election 2012

This year the eleven members of the SAKC Board of Directors are:

President: Col. Joe Purkhiser
1st Vice President: Jodi Kahn
2nd Vice President: Robert Stein
3rd Vice President: Tracy Potts
Treasurer: Marilynn Ellis
Secretary: Marcia Sherman

Members of the Board Include; Dr. Jim Sherman, Dorothy Kohlman, Murrel Purkhiser, Kyle Potts, and Donna Stein

Congratulations to our new board members who will lead the club for another wonderful year. Thanks to all of our members who participated in the election.

Training in Ring Manners

Are you interested in handling your dog or just learning about it? This handling class will teach you everything you need to know to bring a registered dog into the conformation ring. You’ll have a good time and may even meet some great friends along the way.

Classes are held indoors at:

BlueBonnet Bunk N’Biscuit

Conveniently located in Selma, TX.

Classes are taught by an AKC judge.

Sponsored by the San Antonio Kennel Club

Call: 910-725-0611 for more information

*Puppy and Basic Obedience classes also offered.